But… What the heck are serious games?

But… What the heck are serious games? 🎮

Serious games are a genre that stands out for offering a narrative experience outside the context of conventional entertainment. These games are primarily intended to “gamify” the learning processes in a modern environment. They promote interaction and experiential learning, allowing players to develop a basic knowledge in various areas. 

One of the main advantages of serious games is the promotion of critical thinking and the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. In addition, serious games allow players to explore virtual environments where they can learn, choose, and decide in a realistic way. 

Serious games offer an innovative and effective approach to education, using narrative and interactivity to promote learning. They encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and provide an engaging and adaptive learning experience. 

Read the full article here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/369465829_Serious_Games_in_Digital_Gaming_A_Comprehensive_Review_of_Applications_Game_Engines_and_Advancements 

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