GaGEN aims to offer an intergenerational learning approach to environmental education, by using serious games in a digital format. The goal will be to increase awareness on the impact of climate changes, as well as to increase self-awareness on the potential role kids and seniors have as change agents in climate change.


Environmental education has been targeting mostly younger generations and leaving older ones aside. The interaction between kids and seniors seems to gain a greater added value, when compared to stand-alone.

Here seniors are seen as agents of change, leaders and influencer in climate action.​

This program allows both generations to learn about each other knowledge and experiences. This promotes an understanding of how to work collaboratively to lead to better policies and practices. ​

Evidence in Europe are limited. There are few initiatives that join both generations as active elements (E+ Project Results Platform).

Target Groups

Children and seniors

Kids, specially under 12 years old, and seniors will have an active role


Key organizations and stakeholders (including educators and social professionals)


Parents of kids who will participate in the activities will feel the impact of the project in their daily routines at home

What are GaGEN's priorities?

Priority 1

Environment and fight against climate change

Awareness-raising about environmental and climate-change challenges.

Priority 2

Creating and promoting learning opportunities among all citizens and generations

Promoting education opportunities and exchanges of experience to seniors, connecting them with younger groups.

Priority 3

Addressing digital transformation through the development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity

GaGEN embeds digitalization in most of its activities. Mainly those targeting end-users (seniors, kids, adult educators). These activities will use digital technologies to create innovative educational contents, that will be accessible via ICT devices.

What results are we planning to achieve?